Liverpool Indoor Climbing - beginners welcome

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Indoor Climbing
Apr 23

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Unlike Indoor Bouldering there is a certain amount of skill to be mastered, such as tying in knots & belaying a partner, as well as the climbs being higher than in bouldering. That said the centre caters for all abilities.

Come and join us as we climb indoors every Tuesday in Liverpool! Our typical schedule is as follows:

  • 1st week: Awesome Walls, roped climbing, tailored for beginners
  • 2nd week: Awesome Walls, roped climbing
  • 3rd week: The Climbing Hangar, bouldering

Liverpool Awesome Walls climbing centre is based in a lofty 150-year-old church which offers something for everyone - from the beginners to the most advanced. Indoor climbing is a great way to stay fit, and anyone can give it a go! This event is for members of all levels of experience and ability, and all are welcome to come along!

To come along, please register on the event page, to make sure the leader has all the necessary information to ensure you can participate safely and happily! To climb you will need to pay an entry fee directly to the centre when you arrive. For entry fee prices visit:

Do I need a guided session?

If you can answer Yes to the following three questions, then you do not need a guided session:

  1. Can you tie the correct knots (double figure of 8 and stopper knot)?
  2. Can you fit a harness correctly?
  3. Can you belay correctly?

If you answer "No" to any of the questions then don't worry... you will need a guided session from the event leader, who will happily take you through everything you need to know to climb safely. For your first time climbing with us, especially if you need a guided session, please contact the event leader in advance to let us know what your skills and experience are - to help make sure we can get you involved! Guided sessions may only be available on the events marked 'Beginners Welcome' depending on leader availability.

Participation statement:

As a BMC Affiliate member, Outdoorlads draws your attention to the fact that climbing is an activity with a danger of personal injury or death. You should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for your own actions and involvement.

Please note that every person participating should be aware of (and accept) that those members perceived as ‘in charge’ or leading the event are not necessarily qualified, do not need to be qualified, and are not regarded by OutdoorLads, or themselves as ‘technical experts’ but are amateur climbers with some experience and who are happy to impart their knowledge.  Any advice given should be considered with this in mind by the recipient.



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