Lismore / Lios Mor - The Great Garden

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Isle of Lismore

Isle of Lismore - 3 nights

Hundreds of millions of years ago the earth's crust was on the move, in the middle of this was a small slice of limestone - this was to form what is now the island of Lismore.  From the early days of human presence on the land, it was noticed that unlike much of the soil in the Highlands of Scotland which is peaty and acidic, the soils of Lismore were an idea place for growing barley and oats, resulting in the description of being a big 'Mor' garden 'Lios' in Argyll.

We have three nights over a weekend to get out and explore the 9 square miles of the island, steeped in thousands of years of history.  There are the remains of three castles, an ancient broch and Ardchattan Priory with its gardens to visit.  And if it's a view you're after, the highpoint on the island is Barr Mor - this may be only 127m high but on a clear day the views are exceptional.

Travel info - We will be using the CalMac ferry from Oban, catching the 17:15 departure on the Friday evening.  Don't miss this ferry as the next one isn't until Saturday morning!


56.5144111, -5.5036206