The last Saturday night music quiz

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Jun 06

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It'd be boring if it was too easy!'s been a lot of fun but this is the LAST Saturday night music quiz!

I started doing these back in dismal March but it's now sunny June, the lockdown is gradually lifting and we can start to go outside again. So like all good things this must come to an end. But it's been amazing fun, and I think we've all made some great new friends. Thank you all. I'd hug you if it was allowed.

As it's the last one I'll let you choose the decade of the Guess The Year round. So message me if you want...

  • 1980s
  • 1990s
  • 2000s
  • 2010s

This is a great way to test your music knowledge, have a laugh on a Saturday night and chat to new people. Plus there's usually a drunken post-quiz chat until the early hours.

Essentially I play a few songs and you have to guess the title and artist of each just from the intro. There's usually a connection between each song too. Some are harder than others!

All you need is something to write your answers down on and ideally a beverage or two. I'll be hosting it on Zoom - link below.

See you there!

Saturday night music quiz
Saturday night music quiz