Keswick to Barrow Challenge 2018

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We are back for 2018, this will be the 52nd year of the Keswick to Barrow challenge and more importantly, it will be the 4th year for OutdoorLads entering a team for the event.

It is a challenge, plain and simple - walk 40 miles from Keswick, Cumbria to Barrow-in-Furness.  In doing so, the plan is to raise sponsorship for this great challenge which will go to The OutdoorLads Foundation.  The foundation supports our members through a hardship fund but also has plans for working with other charities and groups who share our views and aims.  For more information on The OutdoorLads Foundation - click here

Dont worry, you wont be alone on this event - the walk attracts thousands of participants, so you will find people from all walks of life, in all forms of fancy dress too, but we are all there for the same aim - to raise money for charity.

In the previous 3 events, we have raised over £3500 for the OutdoorLads Foundation - cue endless applause for everyone who was part of making that happen!

The day starts at 6.00am when the coach drops us off at the start location, we walk through some of the most beautiful scenery in the country and we cross the finish in Barrow to a cheering crowds and a nice welcome pint of something and a tray of pie and peas! Proper northern grub!

Throughout the day, our amazing support team will be on hand with hugs, sandwiches, sweets, encouraging words and most importantly a change of socks as you undertake the challenge.  The smiles count for something too when you see the OutdoorLads flag fluttering as you approach the support checkpoints!

For information on the event, check out the website for the Keswick to Barrow Challenge or check out the accordions on the event page for more updates.  If you have any questions, queries or are unsure about anything then message the event leader.

So come on, be part of the OutdoorLads Foundation and support us as we raise funds to keep on helping out members in need.



You must register with the Keswick to Barrow website ( and when you have done so, please email or message me with your Member ID, I will then use this to add you to the OutdoorLads team. 

When prompted in the future, you will need to pay your £10 entry fee, this covers your bus ticket to the start location and contributes to the walk operating costs.

If you have already registered in the past for the K2B or C2B, please dont register again.  If you struggle to remember your log in details, you can either reset your password or request help on the website to be able to do so.


Training for this event is absolutely essential.  Walking on mountains and other terrain is one thing but this is a challenge in itself not just for distance but majority of the walk is on harder surface.  Hence the importance of comfy shoes - running shoes, comfy trainers etc are ideal.  Anything that wont give you a blister.  

Back to getting ready, try steadily increasing distance on walks or if you go to the gym, increase your walking ability on the treadmill - not to 40 miles or anything like the walk but just to get your body ready.

The walk overall, ascends by 2000m across the course the majority being quite steady and in short bursts so the main focus is the distance.  But you will be supoported at every step of the way by other walkers, your team members and your support team members.


Last year, we successfully went with the idea of encouraging everyone to stay in Barrow-in-Furness (the end of the walk).  This works for the end of the event, when you will want to return to your accommodation and rest.  Although it does mean an earlier start to get to the start location in Keswick (90 min drive).  However, we would encourage Barrow as your choice.  Most people took advantage of good deals at Premier Inn or Travelodge in Barrow but a number of attendees brought tents/caravans so the options are endless.

We normally meet for a pint and a meal on the Friday night before the event so that everyone can meet each other and we can get some pre walk admin done.


The event has a minimum sponsorship threshold of £80 per walker on the event.  This money must be donated via the Keswick to Barrow Website.  Donations direct to charity or via websites such as JustGiving/Virgin etc are not permitted.

Of the money raised, 67% goes to our nominated charity, The OutdoorLads Foundation, which supports our members via a hardship fund but also has aspirations to work with other charities and groups who share our values.

The remaining 33% of donations cover the cost of running the event.  As you experience it, you will see how much incredible infrastructure goes into the event.  It is quite something.


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