It's a groovy 1970's disco weekend baby!!!!!

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All hikes will be virtually flat.

EVENT UPDATE 21 December - Due to the bedding arrangements at Darsham Centre, we are allowed a maximum of 24 attendees.  If the event is full and you choose to waitlist, the only way you will be able to attend will be if someone cancels.


Led Zeppelin, the original Rocket Man Elton John, The Clash, David Bowie, Mott the Hoople and all the greats of the 1970's will be reborn for this groovy weekend!  Bringing back prog, glam, punk, British folk and pub rock will be the focus so break out the bell bottom jeans (or velvet trousers) and silk shirts and get ready to hit the disco floor!!

After quite an absence we return to the quaint Darsham Country Centre, which was once voted the best ODL hostel!  The former rail station and stationmaster's house serves as our base for this "all 70's" weekend. 

The weekend plans are:

  • Friday - plan on arriving after 16:00, find a bed, get settled in and enjoy the traditional OutdoorLads Friday buffet.  Think along the lines of the weekend theme - cheese balls, Spam, salmon loaf, and Angel delight!!  This will be one time where quiche will be welcomed (although not in an over-abundance please!!!).
  • Saturday - after a hearty breakfast we will look at several walk options, including this 12km "Remains of Greyfriars Loop" from Westleton or this 13km Leiston Abbey loop from Middleton.
    • Dinner tonight will continue the weekend's theme with a number of "delicacies" of the decade.
    • After dinner we can debate which of the incredible movies that came out in the 70's to watch - "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", "Jaws", "The Godfather", "Star Wars: Episode IV", "Deliverance" and "Harold and Maude" are just of few of the greats.
  • Sunday - As we need to vacate the hostel by 10.00, breakfast will be "quick and easy".  Depending on how we all feel there may be another short walk or a trip to a roller rink in Bury St Edmunds to continue the weekend theme; if not we will all pitch in, clean up the hostel and then we are free to head our separate ways.

The Centre consists of 7 bedrooms, 2 of which are located on the ground floor (along with all public areas).  Rooms 1 and 2 sleep 1 person each, Rooms 3 and 4 sleep 5 each, Rooms 6 and 7 sleep 4 each; washrooms and toilets are located on both floors.  There is also a large private garden to the rear of the building.  There are no double beds and I will be trying to only assign rooms for any dogs that attend.  I will provide a sleeping / bedroom plan closer to the event.  Please note that Darsham is an active rail station and the Centre sits right on the edge of Platform 2 (this makes it REALLY easy to get here!!!!)

This is also a dog-friendly weekend, with a maximum of two well-behaved furry friends; please email to register your space.  Of course we also have this Telegram chat!  We also love a good carpool so take a look here for details!!

OUTDOORLADS FOUNDATION  Fancy coming along but having a difficult time of it (for whatever reason), and/or finding it hard to justify the expense? Apply for a place on this event through the OutdoorLads Foundation! Nobody apart from staff members will know and we don't need lots of financial info from you either. To apply through the Foundation, you'll need to complete a very short form, which can be found along with more information here.


Should you have any questions please email the leader on

Photos: are courtesy of unsplash and used with permission and thanks!

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