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Jan 27

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Have you ever been tempted to try your hand at beekeeping, but are unsure whether to take that step? Or maybe you're just fascinated by these amazing creatures and would like know more about them. Hopefully my own experience of 10 years of beekeeping will help to answer many of your questions.

Join me for a zoom chat / presentation where we'll cover subjects such as the physiology and lifecycle of bees, what goes on inside the hive, and what you will need to do as a beekeeper. Hopefully I also help to convince you that you can even keep bees if you live in a big town or city - it's not just for country folk (like me!)

If you've got any specific questions in advance, please message me (bustercub) and I'll try and cover them.

Zoom link for the event below.

If you're signing up at the last minute, feel free to come along, even if you are on the waiting list.


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Swarm of bees
collecting honey
Swarm of bees
collecting honey


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