The High Peak ‘in-steam’ Heritage Day Walk

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Oct 09

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We will meet at Cromford Wharf Carpark, a short walk from Cromford Railway Station at 10.30am. I’ll be arriving at Cromford Mill, over the road from the carpark an hour beforehand so if you get in earlier they’ll be a chance to join me for a short tour. 

A challenging walk taking in beautiful scenery, an abundance of wildlife, cracking views, and world renowned heritage, the Derwent Valley Mills having been awarded World Heritage Status in 2001. Cromford Canal is a haven for wildlife and a Site of Special Scientific Interest with little grebes and water voles, dragonflies, damselflies and hoverflies.

From Cromford Mill where there are a number of interesting buildings, we will follow the towpath from Cromford Wharf for one and a quarter miles to Leawood Pumping House.  The Pumping House was built in 1849 to pump water from the River Derwent into the canal, it operated for almost 100 years. The walk has been planned to coincide with a steaming day of two beam engines - Leawood Pumping Station and Middleton Top Engine House. Experience the power of steam, the heat of the boilers, the smell of grease and coal and the power of the wave as tons of water are pumped...

Following this we will cross the canal walking between the old railway buildings of the High Peak Junction to ascend the steep High Peak Trail. At the foot of the incline is a catch pit, where runaway wagons once came to rest. On reaching the summit and Engine House we will be rewarded with views over the Derwent Valley. Remaining on the High Peak Trail we will aim to lunch at Black Rocks Visitor Centre (drinks and home-made cakes available here). Then onto Middleton Top where we will leave the Trail and walk though the historic limestone village of Middleton-by-Wirksworth before descending to meet the Via Gellia road and then onto Water Lane and Scarthin with views over Cromford Dam.

Those of you who would like to stay on might enjoy Arkwright’s Mill, Cromford village and/or a village pub to enjoy a well-earned pint or two before heading home. 


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All photos taken by Christopher Chambers, used with permission

Middleton Top Engine House
Cromford Canal
Our last trip!
Middleton Top Engine House
Cromford Canal
Our last trip!