Great Central (Steam) Railway & Grand Union Canal day walk

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Apr 21

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15.5 miles (25km)7 hours

The Great Central Railway is the UK's only double track, main line heritage railway. It’s the only place in the world where full size steam engines can be seen passing each other – just as it was when steam ruled the rails.


Since originally writing the event page the timetable changed at the Great Central Railway.  I still plan to arrive at the same time as previously stated (by 10am), but the steam train does not go until 11:20am, this will give us enough time to look around the museum before getting on the train.

We'll be getting on the Steam Train at 11.20am sharp for the trip from Loughborough to Rotherley about a 20min ride, the 11.20am train is the griddle car.

After a jolly good ride on the train, we'll find ourselves in Rotherley where we'll need to start the shorter than previously advertised10mile walk back. 

The route will take us through Mounsorrell and around Swithland Reservoir, where hopefully we'll see the Steam Trains in operation from the sidelines (calling all Train Spotters) whilst heading back towards the Grand Union Canal for the last leg to bring us back to Loughborough Central Station where we started.



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