Gay Shorts - Film Night 4

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Nov 27

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Relaxing on your sofa

Join Skip for another evening on the sofa watching a selection of gay shorts.

There will be 10 films to watch, ranging from 3 minutes to 20 minutes and it should take about 90 minutes to get through them all.  There are a few international films in the selection (Cantonese, Spanish and German), so have your spectacles ready for the subtitles!

Grab a glass of wine and some popcorn and tune in!

How do we watch?

The event will be run as a group video chat via Jitsi.  You may need to have a separate tab open to watch a film on Youtube, just in case Jitsi isn't playing nicely on the day.

For the best experience it is recommended running this on a laptop or PC, but you can watch on a phone by clicking the links sent at each start time.  A Jitsi link will be sent in the pre-event message on the day of the event.

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