A fast-paced yomp to Chartwell and back

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Feb 16

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A very fast pace, up steep hills and through woodlands.

Join me for a very fast-paced day walk through the woods and steep hills of the Surrey and Kent borders to see the home of Winston Churchill at Chartwell. This walk will be taking place on the 16th February, so it'll be a good chance to burn off some calories now that we're in the swing of our new health regimes in 2019. 

Many will know I'm considered to be one of the fastest walkers in the ODL South-East, and I was thinking why not do an intensive walk to clear the mind and body to one of my favourite places in the region, near the Weald - a landscape that I have fallen in love with since joining ODL. So this walk is less about distance at only 20 km (12.4 miles), and more about intensity of speed through the woods and undulating hills.  I did the walk recently and managed just over 4mph. However, the due to the landscape there are some steep hills across the Greensand Ridge which provides some challenges to legs and thighs especially when keeping up a hearty pace. 

We'll want to start at 10.00am, and with a highspeed walking pace yomp through the streets of Oxted and Limpsfield towards the woods of Limpsfield Common, and Crockhamhill Common to Mariners Hill, as it perches over Chartwell with an amazing view of the Weald - a view that Churchill himself loved!

After a stop in the National Trust tea room, or if you wish, you can view Churchill's family home and garden itself, we'll leave an hour later, depending on time and yomp back at a fast pace, via the village of Westerham to the High Chart Wood and on to Oxted, via Limpsfield. 

NB - this is a very fast-paced walk up hills and through woodlands with some root hazards. It is not a walk for the fainthearted, as it will be at a fast pace. Please bring a torch as we may be returning through the dusk and darkness to get back for to Oxted station and the return train home.

There is a 09:21 train from London Victoria arriving at Oxted at 10:01am and we'll start after that, so if attendees are coming via other means, can they please arrive promptly?

Chartwell from below
Woodlands of the Greensand Ridge
The weald
Woodlands of the Greensand Ridge
Chartwell from below
Woodlands of the Greensand Ridge
The weald
Woodlands of the Greensand Ridge


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