Evening Sport Climbing Near New Mills

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Sport Climbing
Jun 20

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A unique climbing experience up the bridge in New Mills!

This event is intended as a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community; everyone will be warmly welcomed

The enormous stone block pillars of the bridge have been bolted, allowing for sport climbing in this pretty valley. The climbing here is consistently strenuous. For this reason the venue is not suitable for beginners (sorry!). We can set up top ropes, so if you can at least top rope a 6b indoors, there will be something here for you. For more details about the climbing, have a look at the viaduct sport climbs here. We may also have a go at the long traverses.

Parking is unfortunately a bit awkward, there is free parking on side streets, but please be considerate to local residents. We will meet at the bottom of the bridge. There are several footpaths that lead to the large path at the bottom of the valley, some are accessed through inconspicuous alleyways. 

All photos taken by event leaders

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sport climbing bridge
sport climbing bridge
sport climbing bridge
sport climbing bridge
sport climbing bridge
sport climbing bridge