Eryri Scrambles - Moving On From Grade 1 - Day 2

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Jun 25

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Exposure to drops and loose rock. A big mountain day.

This event takes place on Tuesday 25th June, and the second event in a series of two, with the first event taking place on Monday 24th June. (You can book into either or both, and it's not a requirement to have attended one event to attend the other. Different routes will be chosen for each day). 

This event is ideally suited for those members who are experienced scramblers, and who are comfortable completing Grade 1 routes without a Leader or Instructor, and who want to build their confidence to progress to more challenging routes (Grade 2).

The Ogwen Valley offers a fantastic venue for scrambling with a large sections of routes across all grades, condensed into a small area which enables us to link routes up to deliver a truly memorable scrambling day

Route choice will be made on the morning of the event and will dependant on the weather.

You must bring a climbing helmet. 

Please note that the event may be liable to change or cancellation due to inclement weather.

Pictures taken by Andy Hewlett

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