DATE CONFIRMED - Mayfair Treasure Hunt with Pub Stop(s)

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Dec 03

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4.5 - 5.0km of easy street walking

So it looks like the Treasure Hunt is set for 03 December!!!!  There are still a few spaces left for this walking adventure through Mayfair and I will message everyone a bit closer to the date!  Thanks VERY much for everyone's patience on this one - I know it will be as much fun as the February hunt!!


It's back!!  The February "Secrets of the Squares" treasure hunt was so much fun that I've decided to do another one!  This time we will go the opposite direction from Piccadilly Circus and venture into Mayfair - the shopping grounds of the rich and famous (think Rolls Royce, DeBeers, Cartier, Annabelle's and the Palm Beach Casino)!

There will be between 12 and 17 clues (provided through WhatsApp - set-up details to be provided prior to the start), that will need to be solved before the next clue is received but be warned - wrong answers, hints and "we're lost" messages suffer time penalties!  And the clues should be taken literally - there may be word play, hints within the clues and words with several meanings!

One of the clues from the February hunt was:

  • From the Lamb head back to the O house junction. Anno Domini marks your street. As the market appears hug its L, circular columns start and a passage emerges after 2. How much is the penalty for an empty hamper on a Yearly Cart stand at midnight?
    • This clue led us down Bow Street to the entrance of Covent Garden, where we have to read the tariff table to find the answer!

Along the way some of the clues might lead to special "hidden gem" pubs where liquid and solid refreshment can be found; there is no requirement to stop and there are no time penalties if you do!

In February we split into teams but I think this time we will all work the clues together -


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