Cardiff Social part 1 - Treetop Adventure Mini Golf

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Feb 09

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Come and join us for a fun, relaxed and social evening of mini golf in Cardiff.

We'll start the evening off with a game of mini golf. If you have never played before, no need to worry all abilities are welcome. We'll play a game of 18 holes, there are two challenges the Tropical Trail or Ancient Explorer. When we arrive we can decide which challenge we'll all want to play. The price for playing is £8.50. You don't need to book online for a spot or pay in advance, we just pay when we arrive. It's that simple.

This is the first part of the evening. I will be doing a separate event after the game, which will involve meeting at a pub later. Cardiff Social Part 2. If you want to do the full Social evening, sign up to both events or if you just wanted to do just one of the events then that's no problem. The choice is completely yours. 

Join me for a promising night of fun & games with a night on the town to a pub for drink or two around Cardiff.