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Jul 16

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Come & join for us a night out in Cardiff.

Socials are an easy way to meet new and regular members and learn more about OutdoorLads before booking on your first walk, climb or hostel weekend. They're also great opportunity to find out what's coming up over the next few months with OutdoorLads in South Wales and the South West as well as nationally.  

If you are coming along for the first time don't worry - the event leader will ensure that you are made welcome :-)

If you have any questions then please feel free to message the event leader.

We will start in The Golden Cross Pub at 1900 and possibly head off later in the night to another venue.

Earlier on in the day we also have an indoor bouldering session at 1300 (novices and pros alike are welcome).


Photo Credits - Photos provided by OutdoorLads members/The Venue and used with permission.

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Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, even if they are extremely mild, or who has recently tested positive for Covid-19, is asked not to attend.


Golden Cross Pride
Golden Cross Pride


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