Bushcraft and Babington- something different

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Jul 06

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3-5 miles and not too hilly. May be muddy after rain

This is a different sort of day. We will meet in the morning and learn some bushcraft skills under the expert guidance of Robin from "Outlook-outdoors". After practising making fire, water, damper bread and chatting about survival skills, we will embark on a short walk around the area initially taking in lunch at the village pub, and passing Babington House a stately home. The terrain is mixed woodland and rolling farmland, rather like that on the event photos. Our route will be 3 or 5 miles depending on time and the mood of the group.  

This event is not suitable to bring dogs

Please note there is a charge of £10pp payable in cash to our trainer on the day. A minimum of 5 participants is required. If there are insufficient people registered by 5 days prior, the event will be cancelled.  Saving for extreme conditions, this event will go ahead in all weather.

Bushcraft generally implies things on the following list, however with the time available we will probably be looking at fire starting, bread making and water purification, but you can feel free to ask about particular interests on the day:

Learning how to use very sharp knives and saws safely.
Making tools such as mallets, spatulas and frame saws.
Recycling tins/cans into billies, different types of heaters/burners and lanterns.
Fire starting using 'ferrocerium fire-steel', natural flints and steels, chemical self-ignition, bow and drill and hand drill methods.
Collection and preparation of tinder, kindling and firewood. making feather sticks.
Shelter building, protection from the elements. Use of natural materials, tarps, bashas and parachutes.
Making damper bread over an open fire.
Lookin for materials to make natural cordage, demonstrating different techniques.
Making simple containers e.g. baskets.
Learn how to make a throwing stick, a bow and arrow, a digging stick or a bull roarer which you can decorate and take home.
Survival trapping and hunting methods. Learn to make classic figure 4 traps and snares.
Get to drink water which is safe! Try to make a gypsy well, use a Milibank filter or get a plant to produce water for you. Boil the water to make a drink of chocolate over a fire you have made or use chemicals to purify the water.
Work as a team to make location beacons (let aircraft know you need help).
Build a survival raft and try it on the water.


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