BSumC22: SUP on the Sea (Sun 12:35)

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BIG Summer Camp 2022
Aug 28

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This event is intended for attendees of BIG Summer Camp 2022.

Pick up your paddle and have a go at SUPing, just around the corner from BIG Summer Camp on the Worthing beach front! 

This will be a one hour session to get you out on the water and mastering it. You'll have individual paddle boards but the "Goliath" paddle board for six may make a special appearance! You're of course able to switch around and have a go on the individual boards and the Goliath board.

There's a bit of wind forecast so the water may be a little choppy. It'll be a lot of fun bouncing around on the waves and most probably falling off. You'll have an expert instructor keeping you safe on the water. The folks at GLO Wellbeing are super nice and welcoming, and love running sessions with OutdoorLads.

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