BSC24: Bounce Below (Sun PM)

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BIG Spring Camp 2024
May 26

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It's just jumping

This is one of the events organised as part of BIG Spring Camp 2024.

Imagine giant trampolines, walkways, slides and tunnels all made from netting. Now picture this suspended in a slate cavern hidden underground and you’ll have the right idea.

Adults emerge from Bounce Below grinning from ear to ear. It brings out the kid in everyone.

The surreal experience of Bounce Below is unlike anything seen before, huge nets are hung in the old slate cavern at varying levels, linked together by tunnels and slides, where you are free to jump, climb and slide, and release the inner child!



If you have any medical conditions, please see check here to ensure you're eligible to attend this event. You can contact prior to attending if you have any concerns.

Treat yourself

Plenty of time to team this afternoon session with a half day morning activity as well - check out what else is available!

Photos provided by and used with permission from Zip World.

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