BSC2019: Introduction to Trail Running (Saturday)

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BIG Spring Camp 2019
May 25

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2 sets of 5k+ easy running with breaks for navigation

This will be a fun day for beginners who haven’t done any trail running or perhaps those who have tried some and love it, and want to run in a no-pressure environment while enjoying some stunning views.

Trail routes have a few main features that require special attention. The uphill/downhill sections, uneven surfaces and obstacles. Thinking about running technique to complement this terrain is going to help you avoid injuries and have more fun! Also, once you're away from the pavements, you are going to need to know how to navigate whilst on the move, so we are going to cover basic running nav. The terrain will be mixed with some height gain but won’t be overly challenging and we won’t be running up any mountains!

We will run two sessions in the day, to give you the chance to rest:

  • 9.30am - Dispelling the myth - you don't have run up mountains! 2 hours or so, 5-10k - a short trail run from BSC - focusing on basic up and downhill technique. We'll be covering some easy up and downhills, a few up an down more technical routes.
  • Time back at base to eat, rest and go over plans for the afternoon session
  • 1pm - going a bit harder, for longer! 3 hours or so, a longer mixed terrain run with more focus on mountain navigation - with lots of stops to figure out where we are and enjoy the views.

We will also cover some of the basics, such as the difference between trail and fell running, what trail races are like, and which ones are good to enter. 

Disclaimer - Neither myself nor David are qualified coaches, but we both enjoy the freedom of travelling light and moving quickly through the landscape.

If you are ready for something a bit more challenging, why not check out David's long run on Sunday 


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