BSC2019: Challenging Mountain Biking Marin Plus Extension (Sunday 10:30)

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BIG Spring Camp 2019
May 26

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35km of red graded trail

This ride covers the gem that is the Gwydir Mawr (Marin trail) with an extra loop at the end for added fun. With its beautifully sculpted berms, table top jumps and natural sections, this ride really has it all. This is a 35 km ride on predominantly red graded trails with several extensive climbs and some awe-inspiring descents that will leave you breathless. Literally. This makes it a very technically and physically demanding ride for experienced mountain bikers with good stamina on mountain bikes (this ride is unsuitable for beginners or hybrid bikes, sorry). 

group of mountain bikers in forest
group of mountain bikers in forest


53.140467381375, -3.817298425989