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Jan 27

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How hard can it be to aim a ball at ten pins?

We're heading to the UKs largest bowling alley (again, after enjoying it so much last year), boasting 48 lanes of bowling, it has more to offer than your average bowling alley. Recently refurbished at a cost of £1.5m this iconic centre next to the Ice Arena is part of what makes the city famous.

3 games of bowling is currently priced a £16 per person, to be paid at the bowling alley.  I will call ahead a week before the event to check pricing and book lanes for the appropriate number of people.

So why not join us for a relaxed easy going social evening.  I think this will be a great event for anyone new to OutdoorLads, everyone has name added to the scoreboards making it easy to remember new people, then after bowling we'll see where the evening takes us, Nottingham has some great drinking holes, and we know all the LGBT favourites.

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