BIGSumC 2019: Rent a Tent for the Weekend

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BIG Summer Camp 2019
Aug 23

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We recognise that hauling a tent to BIG Summer Camp if you are travelling by public transport or in a packed car can be tricky. Or you may be sharing a tent with a friend as you don't yet have your own tent.

All of these reasons make renting a tent from OutdoorLads a real possible bonus for you and what is better, if you rent from us, the cost of the rental we use for the OutdoorLads Foundation.  So you are therefore directly helping our Foundation continue to support our members who need it most.

For £10 we will provide you a Vango Soul 200 tent and a Vango Trek 3 Compact Sleeping Mat. (Or similar!) This is a 2 man tent with a comfortable sleeping mat.  You will need to bring a sleeping bag or other sleeping medium.  You will need to collect the tent on arrival at registration - it is very easy to put up.

However, if you commit to donating a further £10 to the Foundation upon arrival, then we will erect your tent for you.  Bargain price for an erection we hope you will agree!  If you want ti ready erected, send in a support ticket with your desired rough location on the site, if you know, and commitment to paying the additional £10.  We will then have your tent erected for your arrival. Otherwise, you'll need to put it up yourself on arrival. 

At the end of BIG Summer Camp all we ask is that you please remove everything from the tent including any rubbish and contents of your own and we will then take the tent down and pack it away, if you've had it ready erected - otherwise, you'll need to take it down and hand it in to us at the office please. 

This is real convenience so take advantage now and make your Summer Camp much easier!


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