BIG North Christmas 2023 - Saturday Packed Lunch

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BIG North Christmas 2023
Dec 02

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This event page is a meal option for BIG North Christmas 2023

Worried about keeping your Sandwiches fresh and in-tact over the weekend? Save the stress and just pick up a packed lunch before heading off on your day's event.

For £5.50 you'll get a packed lunch with a choice of sandwiches and pasta pots available. Also packed will be some fruit, crisps, a cake / bar, and a drink. Make sure you take extra water with you when heading out.

Lunches will be available for collection from 8:30am in the dining room. You need to order in advance please; they won't be available on the day to buy. 

Please ensure your dietary requirements are up to date on your profile. 

Please note that the standard OutdoorLads refund policy does not apply to this item. Refunds will be at a flat rate of £4.00 until midnight on Tuesday 28th November (to cover transaction charges) and after which no refunds are available.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay 

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