Ben Lawers - The Easy Munro

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Oct 13

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11km, 4-6hrs, 750m Ascent

How can the 10th highest mountain in Britain be described as easy?

Well, the path is in good condition, well drained and so relatively free from boggy ground. It is mostly even terrain with just a hint of a kick upwards near the summit. The most significant factor however is that someone was kind enough to build a road and car park nearby that gives us a 500m head start on the 1214m peak, meaning that we 'only' need to climb 700m to reach the top!

Ok, so 'easy' might be a stretch but this is certainly a straightforward ascent and one of the easier Munros. This makes it ideal for anyone wishing to get back into hill walking or wishing to conquer their first Munro, plus it will be one of the highest.

For that reason we will be marking it as suitable for beginners but please bear in mind that this means beginners to Munro-ing and not beginners to any kind of outdoor walking.

Please note that we will be undertaking this walk in the late autumn, meaning that weather may be unpredictable. The leader will pay close attention to the weather as the event approaches and issue further guidance but please pay attention to the suggested clothing in the What to Bring section below. Boots, walking trousers, full waterproofs, hat and gloves are essentials, jeans and trainers are just not suitable.


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