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Changes to Membership Prices and Refund Policy

Submitted by Hello Liam on

New Membership Prices from 1st June 2019 

Whilst you can take part in OutdoorLads as a Pay As You Go Member, you can also become a Full (or Concession) Member and pay lower prices on paid events, and get many day events for free!  

  • Full (and Concession) Membership prices are increasing though from 1st June 2019:
  • Twelve months Full Membership (currently £55.00) will be £65.00 
  • Six months Full Membership (currently £35) will be £41.40 
  • Three months Full Membership (currently £21) will be £24.80 
  • Twelve month Full Membership at the Concession price (currently £10) will be £13 

If you take out a Direct Debit for the first time to pay for your Membership the discount in the first year (currently 50%) will be 20%. Other benefits of Direct Debit (such as a free t-shirt in the first year) remain the same. 

You can still sign up by direct debit before 1st June 2019 and take advantage of this offer at the existing rate of £27.50 in the first year. 

We're sure there will be many questions on this, so we've produced a handy FAQ for members which you can find here. 


New Refund Policy from 1st June 2019

Our new refund policy will apply to all event bookings made from 1st June 2019 (regardless of when cancelled). 

Bookings made and then, within 48 hours, cancelled (as long as both happen more than 28 days before the event starts) will be refunded in full (minus a £5.00 admin charge)  

The maximum refund outside this cooling off period will be 80%, and reduces further (to 60%, 40%, 20% and 0%) in each of the final weeks as the event approaches (all subject to a minimum £5.00 administration charge) 

If you cancel your place on a waiting list you will receive a full refund (without deduction of an administration charge.) 

You should actively manage your place on a waiting list and cancel it (i.e. before being promoted onto the event) for a full refund if you no longer wish to attend should a place become available. 

If you are promoted from a wait list onto the event, and only then decide to cancel, you will receive the refund appropriate to their place as an attendee, which could be 0% if very close to the event. 

If you cancel an event place, cancel a waiting list place, or are on a waiting list when an event closes, the admin team will be automatically notified and will calculate and issue any refund due to you. You will be notified by email that the cancellation has been acknowledged and don’t not need to contact us to ask for a refund. 

Any refund due will be calculated using the exact dates and times of the booking, the cancellation and the start of the event.  

We're sure there will be many questions on this, so we've produced a handy FAQ for members which you can find here.