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Whilst this should be considered a very easy unstrenuous activity, this by no means describes the level of skill necessary to achieve a good swing with the desired result.

During the pandemic lockdown one of the first sports to open back up was golf, naturally suited to social distancing, but actually a wonderfully social activity to partake in.  Therefore I took up the game over the last couple of years.

In this cross country game where every hole is a goal, it's the person who does it with the fewest strokes that wins.  In order to win, you must be a good swinger who can choke down on the shaft in just the right way remembering not to uncock your grip prematurely, ensuring you go long. The golf driving range is the perfect place to master your swing and be certain you're regularly hitting the ball on it's sweet spot. 

The driving range where this event takes place is flood lit, has 20 covered bays some with smart tracking systems, and is an all-weather practice facility.  It also has a pro golf shop and restaurant. 

I would caveat that I am a novice golfer with no training and of beginner level ability, although I may be able to offer a few tips to other absolute beginners.

The only cost involved is the ball rental cost payable onsite - £3 - £7 depending on the number of balls.  


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