Sherwood Pines (Blue Route) - trail cycle

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6 miles (9.7km)

1 hour

Cycling at Sherwood Forest early in the morning and out of peak season is a delight and better than any spin class.  We will be completing the 6 mile blue route, which is easily followed by following the blue markers.

Although in terms of cycling this is EASY and a route that families take half a day meandering round, we will be completing it in no more than 2 hours (very very easy for fit men) although I expect the route to be completed in 1 hour (still reasonable).

A seperate walking event follows at 11am. Everyone who comes for a morning cycle on this event will automatically be allowed on the walk without signing up.  You are of course welcome to leave after the cycle event, maybe you'd like to try out the more challenging Kitchener Trail (Red Route) by yourself?


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