Reading Indoor Bouldering - All Abilities Welcome!

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Indoor Bouldering
Sep 20

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Discover Bouldering: Climb, Connect, Conquer!

Bouldering, the art of conquering short climbing routes without ropes, is here to unleash your strength, technique, and problem-solving prowess.

Leave the gear fuss behind – all you need are climbing shoes and a drive to get to the top. If you've never scaled a wall before, bouldering is a gateway into the world of climbing. Join us and see what the fuss is all about!

All skill levels are welcome. New to climbing? We've got you covered with tailored guidance, boosting your skills and confidence while ensuring your safety on the wall.

Experienced boulderer? Dive in and embrace the challenges independently. Just remember to follow the center's rules for your own safety.

This will take place at The Climbing Hangar in Reading. 

If you have never climbed at the Climbing Hangar in Reading before, you must book an induction slot:

  • - follow instructions to book an induction slot around the time that this event starts.  
  • You also need to complete the waiver form that is linked in the confirmation email once you've booked an induction slot. 

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