Preston Indoor Climbing Evening - All Abilities welcome! [270318]

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Suitable for all abilities, including beginners.

Come and join OutdoorLads at the Climbing wall at West View Leisure Centre, Preston! It offers a wide range of Climbing walls for all abilities - with excellent facilities for beginners. 

West View Leisure centre provides a dedicated climbing hall with a number of different climbing walls, from a beginners / disability slab and Scramble ridge, to challenging overhanging lead walls, as well as a dedicated Bouldering Section and Top-Roping walls. There are over 55 lines of climbing available with grades for all abilities any climber will enjoy the routes here. It is also a great place to start climbing, so if you want to take the step into the world of climbing this is the place to try it.
Indoor climbing centres offer the challenges of climbing that you'll find on natural outdoor structures - simply indoors! It's a fun way to stay fit, you'll quickly begin to develop arm, back, finger and core strength as a result of the many reaches and holds that are repeated through to the completion of a climb. It's a great body workout!

This event is for members of all levels of experience and ability and all are welcome to come along to any of the sessions.

For your first time climbing with us, especially if you are a novice climber and think you need a guided session, please contact the event leader in advance to let him know what your skills and experience are.

To come along, you will need to register via the event page, and to climb you will need to pay an entry fee directly to the centre when you arrive, Please check their web-site for details. 

It is important that all members sign up through the event page to make sure the event leader has all information of the members attending.


Please note that every person participating should be aware of (and accept) that those members perceived as ‘in charge’ or leading the event are not necessarily qualified, do not need to be qualified, and are not regarded by OutdoorLads, or themselves as ‘technical experts’ but are amateur climbers with some experience and who are happy to impart their knowledge. Any advice given should be considered with this in mind by the recipient.

All those attending the event must also be aware of the centre's own terms and conditions of participation and abide by them, along with any instructions given by the centres staff. Everyone must also take responsibility for their own safety while participating in Indoor climbing events.


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