POSTPONED - Mental Health Training, Bristol

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Oct 24

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This training session has been postponed, and we're looking at alternative dates and the possibility of hosting it online.

This training session is currently only open to event leaders and those with leader applications submitted.

We have arranged three identical training sessions by MindOut, the LGBT mental health charity, on the following dates:

Manchester - 21st November

London - 9th January

Bristol - 24th October

These sessions will each cover:

Mental health awareness

Compassionate listening, signposting of mental health issues, the limits of your role, mental health statistics and context, reducing the stigma and normalising mental health concerns, and highlighting the prevalence of mental health issues.

Understanding common mental health issues

Covering depression, anxiety, psychosis and suicidal distress.

Best practice

How best to deal with people in distress and people who may be suicidal.

Trans 101

An essential introduction to trans awareness helping participants to develop more trans-inclusive practice.


Providing you with the resources to help you help those with mental health issues.


OutdoorLads aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of its members through the pursuit of outdoor activities. This training can be considered to provide an essential skill for leaders of events.