Monklands to West Lothian Evening Cycle

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Jun 21

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16 miles (26 km)2.5 - 3 hours

Join us for another relatively easy, flat evening cycle ride as we traverse the central section of the Sustrans Route 75 cycle path which runs all the way from the Firth of Clyde in the west to the Forth in the east.

This linear run of around 16 miles will follow sections of route 75 between Coatbridge and Bathgate, much of which originally followed old railway track until the re-opening of the Airdrie - Bathgate line in 2010. Following this, the cycle path was rebuilt on a new course alongside the railway to a very high standard, much of it an excellent tarmac surface. Therefore the ride will be suitable for all types of cycle (road, hybrid or mountain bike) and largely traffic free.

NCN75 near Armadale
NCN75 near Entryfoot
NCN75 near Armadale
NCN75 near Entryfoot


55.8668512, -4.02824