MCR Games Week 2: 16-22 Nov (Castlefield to Media City -Run)

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The MCR Games is a series of weekly challenges in Manchester throughout the November lockdown. The challenges will all take place in or near Manchester city centre. As there will be prizes involved (!!!) we're charging a small entry fee for PAYG Members.

Each challenge is completely stand-alone, so you don't need to have entered other week's challenges to take part in this one. You can book on to and take part in the challenge any time throughout the week.

Week 1: 50 Windows of Creativity (walk)

Week 2: Castlefield - Media City loop (run)

Week 3: GPS Art (walk)

Week 4: Inner ring road time trial (cycle)

Week 2 (Mon 16th Nov - Sun 22nd Nov) - Castlefield - Media City loop (run)

Having never run before, maybe this lockdown is the one to get me in to it. So why not challenge fellow OutdoorLads to have a go, too!? From the prettiest part of Manchester city centre, to the prettiest part of Salford, and back.

The Challenge: Run the route detailed in Location section below (about 9km, very flat)! Run the route while recording on Strava (or similar app). Once completed, just enter your time in the spreadsheet linked below in the Location.

Your start/finish point can be anywhere along the route. A prize for fastest time, and a prize for most consistent speed (for those with Strava or similar)!

The Prize: An OutdoorLads voucher!

Challenge ends Sunday 22nd November 18:30 with a Zoom call to chat about the challenge and congratulate the winners! Joining details sent out on the day.

Good luck!


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MCR games
castlefield in the snow
media city
MCR games
castlefield in the snow
media city


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