London Treasure Hunt with Pub Stop(s)

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4.5 - 5.0km of easy street walking

Gather your friends (in teams of up to 5) and join me on the "Secrets of the Squares" treasure hunt through London's West End and Soho!  We'll start at Piccadilly Circus (meet in front of the Boots on the top side of the Circus), receive our first clue and begin the adventure!

A total of 15 clues will be provided through WhatsApp (set-up details to be provided prior to the start), each one needs to be unlocked before the next is received but be warned - wrong answers, hints and "we're lost" messages suffer time penalties!  And the clues should be taken literally - there may be word play, hints within the clues and words with several meanings!

A sample clue (from a different hunt) is "St. Williams protrudes at your front with 11 shields above the door. Go right to cornered crossed musical-scale. Follow around and continue until buildings step in and you step around. Search the outcrop for MCCCXVI, whose yard are they built in?" - a hint to the answer is that the name derives from Gutherungate (a 12thc Scandinavian name - and it's not in London!)

There are special "hidden gem" pubs along the way (usually around clues 6, 9 and 15) if your team wants to stop; there is no "requirement" to stop and there are no time penalties if you do!

The experience should take between 2.5 and 3.5 hours, and we'll have drinks (and maybe food) at the final pub.  If there are enough teams competing against each other, plan on prizes for all team members!! 


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