Hurst Green and Three Rivers


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7 miles

6 hours

We’ll start at the centre of Hurst Green where, at the start we'll see part of the armistice day parade.

The walk will start off heading towards the valley of the river Ribble we'll pass by the 19th century built to supply water to Blackburn and Jumbles Rocks, outcrops of limestone which form natural weirs and a ford.

The walk will follow the course of the river Ribble where it swings round to meet the River Calder, close to 17th-century Hacking Hall. Less than ¾ mile we'll pass the confluence of the rivers Ribble and the Hodder, which we’ll follow briefly before passing near Winckley Hall.

Returning to the river at Low Hodder Bridge we'll cross the ancient Cromwell's Bridge – which was built for the Shireburn dynasty in 1562. Legend has it that Cromwell vandalised it, destroying the parapets that impeded the progress of his troops.

We follow the Hodder for about a mile before climbing steeply away to Woodfields. Tolkien stayed in one of these houses. The track passes St Mary's Hall and then reaches Hall Barn Farm.

We’ll pass through the grounds of Stonyhurst College and pass a small observatory, one of a network where observations from it helped the Norwegian physicist Kristian Birkeland confirm the magnetic origin of the Northern Lights.

The walk is dog friendly, but there are places where dogs willl need to be on leads. 


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