Carron Valley Circular Cycle (Croy)

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32 miles (51 km)

5 - 6 hours

Join us for a relatively short, but hilly, cycle ride across the Campsie Fells.

This has long been a classic route for many Glasgow based cycling clubs, adapted slightly to suit ODL's wider geographical demographic.

With a start point part-way between Glasgow and Edinburgh that is easily accessible by rail from both cities, we will begin with a ride along a short section of the Forth and Clyde canal before heading towards Lennoxtown and our first major climb of the day - the Crow Road - which climbs to a height of 337m in just 5.5km! The rewards will be more than compensation though - with fantastic views across the entire city of Glasgow and an exhilarating descent to the village of Fintry, where we can stop for a pub lunch.

We'll then head eastwards throught the Carron Valley past its huge reservoir towards Carron Bridge, by which time we should have digested our lunch sufficiently in readiness for the second big climb of the day - the Tak Ma Doon road - across the Kilsyth Hills. This is a shorter climb of around 2.5km, reaching a viewpoint towards the Forth Valley at a height of 322m. After another rapid descent into Kilsyth we'll complete our circular route back to Croy possibly enjoying a beer by the canal on the way!

This is a repeat of a ride that we did in 2016 - Strava users can see full details of the route by clicking here.

Carron Valley Reservoir
Forth and Clyde Canal
Crow Road
Carron Valley Circular Cycle
Carron Valley Reservoir
Forth and Clyde Canal
Crow Road
Carron Valley Circular Cycle


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