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Terms and Conditions

Respecting our values

OutdoorLads has four values and we require all our members, volunteers and staff to reflect these and to treat others with dignity and respect. We reserve the right to suspend or block anyone who does not do so.

Friendly and Welcoming - Whatever the event, and wherever it is, you will always find our guys to be friendly and welcoming. Come with a mate, or on your own, you will quickly be welcomed into the group and make friends easily.

Fun - Everyone mucks in and has a laugh on our events. We might be walking in the rain, or camping in the cold, but there is always loads of fun and laughter on our events.

Adventurous - Whether you are an expert or a novice you can find you own level of 'adventure' with OutdoorLads. You might be surprised by what you achieve.

Professional - Our event leaders deliver consistently great events. You can be sure of good food, a friendly atmosphere, experience leading groups in the mountain - or whatever skills the event requires.

Communication – Event management

We need to communicate with our members in order to run our events safely and successfully. By signing up to one of our events members agree to receive such communication, which can be by email, phone or SMS text.

Communication – Website messaging

Members may receive messages from OutdoorLads and/or from other members on the OutdoorLads site. Members can choose to receive notifications to their given email address when such messages are received by selecting this option on their profile settings.

Communication - Marketing

We aim to keep our members up to date with latest events, offers and news. Members can choose to receive these communications by selecting this option on their profile settings.

Event Cancellation and Refunds

Our cancellation policy determines what level of refund a member is entitled to if OutdoorLads or the member cancels the member’s attendance on a paid event. The policy can be found on our website. We reserve the right to suspend or block members who frequently cancel their attendance on free-to-member events in the 24 hours before the event, as this behaviour often means that other members who would like to attend the event do not have sufficient notice to be able to take the available place.

Looking after yourself on an OutdoorLads event

We want you to be safe when participating in OutdoorLads events but some risks are inherent in outdoor activities. We will always take reasonable and proportionate precautions against known risks, but we can not completely exclude them. For this reason, we encourage our members to take out their own insurance against the risk of injury or other loss or damage on an event, as OutdoorLads does not provide this and can not be held responsible for any loss or damage you may suffer, unless it results from our negligence.
Safeguarding your property on an event will always be your responsibility and OutdoorLads will accept no responsibility for loss or damage to your property, no matter how it is caused.
By signing up for an event, you undertake to tell the event leader about any medical condition you have or suspect you may have, which could affect or limit your participation in the event or expose you or others to risk in any circumstances. In the event of an accident, the event leader will aim to pass on any relevant information to any person who may need to have it. Event leaders will not disclose medical information you give to them for any other purpose, and OutdoorLads will not store any information of this kind.

Licence to use assets

In order to keep our costs to a minimum, and to assist our event leaders to create and run our events, we seek to use, and re-use, images, video and other assets provided by our members to promote our events, thereby avoiding the charges for the use of commercially available assets. To assist us in this, by providing to OutdoorLads by any means any photograph, video, film, image or content of any kind relating to an OutdoorLads event or activity (“the asset”) our members grant to OutdoorLads an irrevocable licence to use that asset for the purposes of OutdoorLads in perpetuity, in any and all media now existing or to be invented and in any territory in which OutdoorLads operates or seeks to operate.


We reserve the right to use photos and videos taken by leaders or other members on our events to promote OutdoorLads in any and all media now existing or to be invented. Members who do not wish to be included in such materials are responsible for advising event leaders of this and for not participating in any photography or filming at events.