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The Next 12 Months

Submitted by danbyrnes on

Over the last six months, we have learned so much more about OutdoorLads and its membership. Throughout the consultation stage, we witnessed the devotion and affection that OutdoorLads members continue to bring to the group and how their engagement and enthusiasm, across all levels of the organisation, help define the OutdoorLads magic and make OutdoorLads the successful group it is today.  

Our current Gay, Bi and Trans event programmes are prospering and will continue to do so, and the continued membership spirit will make it grow even further.  

Expanding to a broader audience and inclusive events will be developed gradually. The key learning is that this is not a rushed or forced process, and continued member engagement and consultation throughout will be essential to ensuring that the broader strategic programme is delivered correctly.  


So, what's happening next?

Following the strategy proposal, we wanted to lay out the three key steps that will be happening over the next 12 months.  

Step 1 – Organisation Restructure

At the AGM, we promised a re-structure to reflect the successful growth of the charity and recognition that we need more member involvement in key decisions.   

Four building blocks have been identified to deliver the strategy and provide member-led governance of the charity via sub-committees (Finance & Assurance, Delivery, Support, and Development).  

The key principle is to delegate authority to decentralise decisions and allow members to have more say on how the charity is run. From March, each member-led committee will have dedicated member volunteers, staff and/or trustee participation to oversee and deliver the strategic projects.

In January, we will post the available roles and required skills needed and publish how members can apply for the positions. Meanwhile, if you have questions, please email  


Step 2 – Events

An active push for new leaders will begin (including a review of the leader application process), and renewed engagement with current leaders and coordinators to support them in delivering the event programme, including training. A key objective will be to grow and develop our range of events and increase the number of accessible events, as well as broaden our regional event offering in currently under-represented areas. With a founding membership of Gay, Bisexual and Tran men, we will celebrate our loyal membership base, providing even more fantastic events and socials across the UK. This will continue to be at the heart of all that we do.  

Leaders will also be invited to explore events targeting a wider demographic of members and partnering with other inclusive LGBTQ groups to begin running additional events over the next 12 months.   


Step 3 – Members and Diversity

Representation of members is at the centre of all changes going forward. We want new members to find OutdoorLads and see themselves represented across our website and social channels. An operational challenge is ensuring that all our communication channels fully represent our broader membership base with a stronger EDI focus.   

Engagement and communication with all members remain a priority. This will be supported by a renewed focus on attracting new members regardless of age, ethnic background, gender, non-binary status, sexual identity, location or socio-economic status.  

Our website and social channels are the first points of call for all current and new members. A full audit of our terminology and tone across all channels is planned to ensure our communications are more transparent and better representative of all groups. The new Mission, Vision and Values statement will take centre stage with supporting messaging, making the signup process, leader and member support, and other essential touch points and information more easily accessible.  

The re-brand proposal will be drafted and launched with member engagement.  

As we implement the strategy over the next five years, we will be the first to admit that we won't get everything right. But we're not letting that stop us from becoming the kind of organisation where everyone can thrive and feel accepted.  

If you have any questions or wish to register your interest in the member-led committees, please email