Yorkshire Dales Underground Walk/Caving Day

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Sep 07

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a bit of scrambling

Introduction to Caving. This is a great taster day with safe but exciting caves!

We'll be exploring a small selection of caves - probably Runscar and Great Douk - near Ribblehead Viaduct.

Subject to conditions on the day, we'll probably start at Runscar in the shadow of the impressive Ribblehead Viaduct. There are several short easy caves with pools, waterfalls and easy scrambles. It may be possible to stay dry for this bit.

We'll then take a two minute drive to Chapel-le-Dale, have a sandwich and quick look at Hurtle Pot, a steep-sided pothole that connects to the Great Douk system (only accessible with scuba diving kit!).

From Chapel-le-Dale, it's a pleasant half hour walk to Great Douk - one of the finest underground adventures for a novice explorer.

From the collapsed pothole entrance, we enter via a short scramble up a waterfall (alternate 10m "squeeze"). This cave system has a bit of everything - cascades, pools, impressive champers, fern dripping canyons, beautiful rock formations - culminating with an optional 30m squeeze at the end and popping out in a limestone pavement on the flanks of Ingleborough.




You can do this trip with some basic kit:


Warm base layers under "old waterproofs"

Helmet - but a bike helmet will do with a good quality headtorch that must be fixed to it  (tape is fine)

Gloves, buff etc.

Small dry-sack - a zip lock bag for your keys and phone/camera is probably fine

Emergency foil blanket, spare batteries, a few sweets.


The caves are "safe" with risks no more serious than a day out in the hills, except you are actually under them.

If you prefer, you can hire kit - such as a caving suit, in inglesport.com in Ingleton.

Whilst neither of the cave systems flood - the day will need to be weather dependant to some degree.

You will need to be FIT, not particularity claustrophobic and if you are of a particularly large built you may struggle.

Whilst this is fine for total novices, if you have any doubts you must message the event leader.



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