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Join Thomas for a longer day walk from Stratford to the historic county town of Warwick. It's a journey of 20 minutes by car but far more enjoyable as a day wandering through Shakespeare Country with OutdoorLads!

We'll start along the Stratford-upon-Avon canal, the first in the UK to be saved from dereliction, and after crossing Edstone Aqueduct (England's longest at 145m) we criss-cross the countryside to our lunch stop at Wolverton.

Our walk continues to Hampton on the Hill to take in the view of Warwick Castle. The route then crosses the racecourse and if time allows we'll explore the town before catching the train back to the start.

Wootton Hall
SONACS Wilmcote
Edstone Aqueduct
Wootton Hall
SONACS Wilmcote
Edstone Aqueduct


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