Summer Outdoor Climbing in North Wales - Penmaenback Quarry

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Aug 22

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Monday evening climbing in North Wales moves OUTDOORS for the summer!

(unless it's raining then we'll revert to indoor climbing at the Beacon as usual)

For July and August we'll be mostly based in the Ogwen Valley (please note some Monday's have moved to Tuesday's due to leader availability). Please bring a climbing helmet, climbing rope and rack if you have them. 

If it's raining or conditions aren't right for outdoor climbing, we'll head to Beacon and climb indoors instead.

July/August outdoor climbing plan:

Tuesday 12th July - Tryfan Bach (Nick)
Monday 25th July - Milestone Buttress (Nick, Simon)
Tuesday 9th August - Willies (Nick, Andy)
Monday 22nd August - Penmaenbach Quarry (Andy, Simon TBC)

Details for Monday 22nd August - Penmaenback Quarry (Last But One Level Climbing Area)

The quarry gets the evening sun and has relatively easy access, along some spectacular views over towards the Great Orme. The Last But One Level climbing area has only recently been developed and has a new selection of lower grade sports routes.


This is the standard 'indoor climbing' blurb for if we need to move inside:

Indoor climbing centres offer the challenges of climbing that you'll find on natural rock crags - simply indoors! It's a fun way to stay fit, make new friends and develop your climbing skills.

Designed, built and used by people that are passionate about climbing, Beacon Climbing Centre is the largest indoor climbing centre in North Wales and is designed to cater for all levels, from first experience to elite performance.

To come along, please register via this event page and to climb you will need to pay an entry fee directly to the climbing centre when you arrive, please see their website for prices. 

I'm new to climbing - can I come along? If you've never climbed before, just let us know so we can arrange for you to be signed into the climbing centre as a supervised climber so that you can come and give it a try. If you enjoy your climbing experience, and would like to come climbing more regularly, we will also happily show you the ropes and teach you everything you need to know to climb safely.

Do I need to be supervised as a climber? If you answer NO to any of the following three questions, then you will need to arrange to be supervised. If you can answer YES to all these questions, you can sign up to this event as normal:

  1. Can you fit a climbing harness correctly?
  2. Can you tie in to a rope using the correct knots?
  3. Can you belay another climber correctly and confidently?

If you need to arrange a supervised session, please message the event leader before you sign up to this event to check availability for this session. Please note that the climbing centre limits the number of novice climbers we can supervise, so if you do not do this unfortunately we can't guarantee that we can sign you in to take part on the day (you can still sign yourself in to go bouldering though).

Photos courtesy of hellosimon

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