StayInMore: Murder at Big Spring Camp

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May 24

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It's 6 a.m., Llimpwrst Rugby Club and midway through Big Spring Camp when a gruesome discovery is made. A rather handsome young man dressed as a cheerleader has been found dead on the bouncy castle. A sparkly pom pom in one hand, an empty bottle of poppers in the other and quite a bit of blood. This is no accident. Walter Proof, Indoorlads Chairman, has called in the police to investigate.

You are one of ten suspects rounded up in the marquee to await questioning.

But in the absence of Andy and Danny's watchful eye on the bar, you and the others knock back a few stiff ones just to steady the nerves. Lips start to loosen as you all discuss the events of last night. But time is of the essence. Can you help the police discover the murderer before the other campers wake for breakfast?


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