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Sitting and drinking

Join Will for a cheeky mid-week pint at Codsall Station pub, located on the Birmingham-Shrewsbury line.

The CAMRA award winning pub occupies the former station house and offers a great selection of beers and food.  The station house was originally constructed in 1849 and has been a pub since 1999. We have the conservatory area reserved for us, which leads out onto the back patio too. 

Codsall is located approximately 1/2 hour from Shrewsbury and Birmingham.  Jump on a train, enjoy a few drinks and some food and catch a train back home again. The pub does a good range of reasonably priced meals, or cobs and pork pies if you just want a snack, so no need to rush to eat before you arrive!

Some suggested trains from Birmingham New Street (also stops at Wolverhampton);

  • 17:00 - arrives 17:27 (this is Will's train and he will be on it)
  • 17:49 - arrives 18:20
  • 18:00 - arrives 18:27
  • 18:49 - arrives 19:15

And from the other direction, from Shrewsbury;

  • 17:13 arrives 17:45
  • 17:41 arrives 18:20
  • 18:13 arrives 18:45
  • 18:45 arrives 19:24

Trains home towards Birmingham New Street;

  • 20:25 arrives 20:53
  • 21:26 arrives 21:57
  • 21:28 arrives 22:31
  • 22:35 arrives 23:15
  • 23:24 arrives 23:50

Trains home towards Shrewsbury;

  • 20:33 arrives 21:13
  • 21:28 arrives 22:12
  • 23:07 arrives 23:46

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Station photo copyright Hilary Wright used under the creative commons licence Pub pictures from the Holden Codsall Station Pub Facebook page, with permission. 



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