POSTPONED Stonehenge Heritage Walk

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Jul 05

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This is a 7 mile walk without any steep gradients, but the landscape can be hot or windswept

POSTPONED: FUTURE DATE TBC This walk explores the heart of the Stonehenge Heritage Site, and the world famous landscape. Please note we are not going into the visitor centre and we will not be going into the very close proximity of the stone circle which requires payment of the entrance fee, but you'll be close enough. 

This is an extended version of the walk I led in 2018, taking in more points of interest including those in the National Trust's "Secrets of Stonehenge Landscape" walk.  Details from various sources inc National trust, Wikipedia, etc:
We begin by seeing "Durrington Walls" 
> At the centre of Durrington Walls you will be standing in the biggest complete henge in Britain. (A henge is a Neolithic earthwork. It has a ring bank and ditch, with the ditch inside the bank. They are not thought to be defensive).
The walk continues along a First World War military railway track, and then cuts across to 'The Avenue'  
> The Avenue is a linear feature providing a formal approach to Stonehenge and linking it with the River Avon at West Amesbury. The Avenue is constructed to maintain the axis of the monument for a distance of 560m in a north east direction.
We then approach Stonehenge itself, getting to within about 200m.
>Stonehenge was built about 5,000 years ago during the Neolithic period (New Stone Age) and is one of the most impressive stone circles of its time.There are several theories about its purpose.
We will continue westwards to see some Bronze Age barrow cemeteries at Fargo Wood, and a viewpoint
Heading back we follow The Cursus
>The Cursus is a huge, rectangular earthwork enclosure. At 1.75 miles (2.8km) long it's one of the largest of its kind. Pre-dating Stonehenge by around 500 years, its ceremonial or ritual use remains a mystery. It may have been used for processions, or chariot racing and its latin name means a raceway..

# No Dogs please - Dogs are not allowed on parts of the access land we will be using. 

# Weather - due to the lack of shelter this walk may be cancelled in event of extreme weather, e.g. thunderstorms, all day rain.

Photos - AndyM


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