Playing with Ropes

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Mar 29

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If you can tie a knot with just one hand, come and show us how.

This event is a bit of fun between “equals”, sharing ideas, tips and tricks. Everyone, from absolute novice to expert welcome to participate (or just spectate).

If you want to be properly trained to use ropes for serious tasks, this is NOT the right event for you.

I’ve got ideas for some experiments (maybe you do too), which will be simple for people who’ve never played with a rope before and some activities that should be amusing for both novices and experts.

If you have piece of rope, please bring it. If you haven’t got a piece of rope, bring a few shoes laces, washing line, scrap piece of electrical cable, a couple of belts or something similar.

Who can tie the best handcuff knot?

I’ve clambered part way up a building and got stuck on an overhang; my feet  on a ledge, holding on with several fingers of one hand, so that I don’t fall backwards off the building. You’ve lowered one end of a rope to me, which is in my other hand. How many ways can we get me tied securely onto the rope?

Zoom meeting joining  details are at the bottom of this page (beneath the map).

Photo Credits: All photos taken by Paul Ridealgh and; permission is granted to OutdoorLads for further use.

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