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Technical Mountain Biking
Nov 09

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30 km - 5 hours

Penmachno is one of the the more natural feeling mountain biking circuits in Great Britain.  This day ride is only suitable for experienced mountain bikers on good mountain bikes. (Not suitable for beginners or hybrid bikes, sorry!)

The car park where we will be meeting is most easily found by searching for "Penmachno mountain biking" on Google maps, which accurately displays its location. (The post code is not very precise).

On this Saturday ODL have two events running concurrently - this ride and also the annual ODL Fell run.  In addition on the evening we have the ODL North Wales Social.  Please follow the links below for the details of the other events.  Even if you don't fancy the run or the ride, why not just come along to the social to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.  Details of the Fell run and the social can be found by following the link below:

Fell Run:

North Wales Social:

This MTB event is one of two this weekend.  If you're also interested in taking part in the Clwyds ride on the Sunday, click here for more details: 

Clwyds MTB:



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