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Feb 23

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Social event.

Join us for the February edition of the Manchester social! We'll be trialing a new venue for us at the amazing EVA Lounge!

This social event will be taking place from 7.30pm.

If you're new to OutdoorLads then come along, grab a drink, find a friendly face and say hello! It's also the perfect opportunity for members to make friends and catch up with others, and discuss what’s new and the upcoming events.

Socials are a great event for both new and existing members. If you are in any way uncertain about joining OutdoorLads or are concerned about fitness/ability or whether OutdoorLads is for you, then do come along, have a drink with us and see why members have made friends through OutdoorLads.

If you have any questions, please do send the event leaders a message :-)

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All Photos owned and given permission to use by event leader Jay.