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Liverpool is a city of heritage, a city of sport, a city of music, a city of culture and importantly.....a city of Scousers! Not sure what a scouser is? Come and join Danny - a born and bred scouser as we tour the inner section of Liverpool taking in some of the cities architctural wonders, learning of its "world firsts" (there are a few of them) and its successes and failures over the years as a city.

Some highlights of our walk will include passing the city's two great cathedrals one of which holds the largest and highest ringing peal of bells in the world, touring Albert Dock which was brought back to life from the brink of dereliction and then stand looking up at the balcony where the executives of the White Star Line told the world of the fate of RMS Titanic after her fateful sinking in 1912.  Not forgetting, the beautiful Three Graces which adorn the Pier Head Waterfront area, these buildings are unrivalled across the city and make a wonderful welcome for any ship entering the mouth of the River Mersey.

Looking to the future, the city is on the brink of expanding into its mostly unused northern warehouse and docking sectors.  The project, called Liverpool Waters, will see the city expand to almost double in size over the next 20 years, exciting times to come.

At the end of the walk, no doubt we will enjoy a local pint nearby - you are welcome to join us or head off and enjoy the city in more detail.


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