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Kendal Mountain Festival is an award-winning event that has grown in size and diversity over the last 17 years. It is also the main social event for outdoor enthusiasts in the UK.

Thousands of outdoor enthusiasts plus media industry specialists, athletes, top brands & equipment manufacturers, artists, photographers, adventurers, explorers and inspirational speakers gather every year to share adventures and celebrate the very best in outdoor and adventure sports culture.

This year ODL will be there too! So why not come and join us? 

All you need to do is book tickets for the festival and find somewhere to stay (I've attached some links at the bottom.) You could come for the whole weekend or just book in for one day. There are loads of screenings and extra seminars to choose from. A good idea is to get a film pass for a day or for the weekend and then add any extras you want. 

When you book in, post on the comments which events you plan on going too and then people can team up. 

Friday night we'll all get together for a drink and saturday night is the festival party, so make sure you get tickets for that! 

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