A Cumbrian Cracker Circular Road Cycle

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5-6 hours

Come pull yourself a cracker of a 40mile road bike ride round the Lake District! This ride is for those on the North Christmas Event  AND anyone else who wants to join in but could not come (e.g. the hostel was full) It will be suited for those with road bikes but not Mountain Bikes as their gearing is slower

This is a stunning part of the world down past Lake Conniston, where Donald Campbell broke the world record on water, only then to sadly then lose his life. There may be a tea shop or two along the way...

With the relative lack of evening daylight, please bring your bike lights, just in case we get caught out!

To see the route and other details, please take a look at this Strava Route

Please make sure you bring lots of snacks and drink


54.43868933881, -3.021197332807