Coal Mines to Country Parks - National Forest Day Walk

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Oct 27

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16km (10 miles) basically flat.

This 10 mile walk passes through the villages of Thornton and Bagworth in west Leicestershire, past the picturesque Thornton Reservoir and across former coal mining sites, which have now been transformed into woodlands and country parks.

We commence at Thornton Reservoir, which was built from 1847 to supply water to Leicester's 58,000 inhabitants and was the main source of water for Leicester until the opening of Bradgate Reservoir in 1871.

Bagworth Heath Woods was created from the scarred industrial landscape of Desford Colliery. The 80ha. country park includes lakes that were formed by mining subsidence as well as rehabilitated woodland, grassland and heathland.

The walk also takes in the Bagworth Incline, which originally formed part of the Leicester to Swannington railway - one of the UK's first public railways.  It was engineered by George Stephenson (the "Father of Railways") and his son Robert in 1832 and was used to bring coal from the collieries of west Leicestershire into Leicester. With an incline of 1 in 29 it was bypassed in 1848 by a deviation railway line.

We than make our way back to Thornton for a pint before heading home.

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Image credits: Thornton Reservoir, Leicestershire (photos 1 and 2) © Jim Monk and licensed for re-use under this Creative Commons Licence; Footpath through Bagworth Heath Woods © Tim Glover and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Thornton Reservoir
Thornton Reservoir
Bagworth Heath Woods
Thornton Reservoir
Thornton Reservoir
Bagworth Heath Woods


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